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On the Fence
April 9, 2023
Types of Fence

On the Fence

Deciding on a Style of Fence that Suits Your Needs

How do you determine the type of fence that will suit your needs you may ask?  Let’s find the answer.  Different types of fences are used to protect any open space. Various types of fences not only protect the space but also increase the aesthetics of the space. 

When choosing a type of fence for your property, you'll want to consider the design, purpose, privacy, security, and cost of the structure. If you want a fence that will provide maximum privacy, then you clearly won't want a structure with openings in it that people could see through like a wrought iron fence. Likewise, if the fence is for security, you can immediately rule out structures that are weak, short, or easy to scale like a picket fence.

Adding a fence around your property can provide you with instant privacy and a sense of security for children, pets and belongings. Fences can also add beauty, character and certainly value to your home.  Before making an investment in a fence, it is important to consider several factors and to take a look at all the available options.

Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Fence

What purpose will the fence serve?

Privacy Fencing: Depending on how much privacy you want, a fence can provide either a complete or partial shield from the outside world.

Security Fencing: Children, pets and belongings can be kept safely contained in an enclosed yard and to a certain extent “strangers” can be kept out.

Appearance Fencing: The right fence properly installed can dramatically alter the appearance of your property as well as add substantial value and improve “curb appeal”.

What is your budget?

The cheapest fence to install is not always the most economical in the long run. Considering factors such as maintenance and installation costs will help determine the total cost of a fence over its lifetime.

Nordic Fence has a large number of options for every budget.

What material would you like your fence to be constructed with?:

Chain link





Utility Fence

Wrought iron

Nordic Fencing has handled all types of fencing over the years. We are your fencing specialists. Contact us and we can guide you through all the questions you have and work with your budget.

Spring is here and it's time to “get off the fence” and decide on what type of fence will perfect your space. 


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