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Security Fencing For Residential & Commercial
September 14, 2023
Security Fencing For Residential & Commercial

Security Fencing

Security fencing, particularly chain link fencing with barbed wire, offers a formidable level of protection and deterrent that sets it apart from other fence types. This fencing option is not only exceptionally robust and impenetrable, but it also promises a long lifespan and resilient performance. When choosing this type of fencing, customers are making a solid investment in a product that is designed to stand firm against both time and external threats, making it a truly cost-effective and secure choice.

At Nordic Fence, we specialize in delivering first-rate security fence installations. We provide you with the assurance and confidence that you've invested in a tremendously sturdy and efficient security fence. Our seasoned professionals have numerous years of experience, delivering exceptional quality and dedication to our clients' security needs. When you choose a security fence from Nordic Fence, you're not just purchasing a fence, but making a commitment to a lifetime of security, strength, and peace of mind.



Security Fencing For Residential & Commercial

Choosing to install a security fence, particularly chain link fencing with barbed wire, significantly boosts the durability and security of your property. At Nordic Fence, we are specialists in both residential and commercial fencing solutions. For those seeking an added level of protection, we offer the option of barbed wire that increases the fence's deterrent factor without compromising its sturdiness and functionality. This way, you can enjoy the perfect blend of security and robustness at once.


There are several types of security chain-link fences available on the market, each with its own unique features. The most common types are:


• Galvanized security chain-link fencing. Most properties have this chain link style, made of high-quality steel. It's characterized by greater durability and toughness. The steel is commonly hot-dipped in molten zinc, so the fence has no chance of corrosion and rust.

• Mesh wire fencing. Unlike a typical diamond pattern, this chain-link fence type has a mesh pattern, which is more aesthetically appealing. Mesh wire fences are sometimes used as alternatives to aluminum or wrought iron fence panels.

• PVC-coated chain-link fencing. Also known as plastic-coated chain link fence, the surface of this chain-link fence type is made of plastic-coated wire, which serves anti-corrosion purposes and has a long life span.

• Heavy-duty chain link fence. It's the most durable type of chain-link fencing since it's constructed with thicker wire strands. It's ideal for busy areas or applications where security is a top concern.


If you are looking for the best available fence option for your property, choose security chain link fencing, and you'll never be disappointed!


Apart from being one of the most financially sound options, even for the strictest of budgets, the fence guarantees a high-security level, clear visibility, easy installation and maintenance, and the ability to customize it according to your needs and preferences. 


We service properties and sites in the Saskatoon, Prince Albert, Edmonton, and Victoria locations, with reliable security being of utmost importance.