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Vinyl Fencing

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PVC Fences

Vinyl fencing is constructed of high-tech polyvinyl compounds and is virtually maintenance-free. Vinyl panels and posts will never rot, warp, corrode, rust, or need painting. We offer privacy slats in White, Almond, and Pebble-stone. Clay, Stone, and darker colors are also available.

With heights from four to six feet, a residential PVC fencing system can be found for any home. Matching gates and a choice of post caps are available for added attractiveness.

PVC residential fences are sturdy and attractive. We install a 2 3/8” galvanized steel pipe inside each 5”x5” PVC post. This gives your PVC fence the strength of a large steel post, along with the attractive look of the PVC post. Bottom rails are also steel-reinforced.


Solid Privacy Fence

The privacy fencing system is made of virgin vinyl and PVC, strong and sturdy yet flexible enough to protect against cracking. The privacy fence is best used for residential or light commercial applications where blocking visibility is required. These fences will never, rot, corrode or rust. These fences are designed for maximum strength with some flexibility to prevent cracking.

Proper installation of the PVC fence is paramount. We recommend a steel post mount system, using a 2 3/8 steel galvanized post in the ground. Our 5″x5″ PVC posts are then installed using fitted collars. This method gives you the strength of steel with the finished look of PVC.

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National Vinyl New PVC Color Options

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Direct Fence Supply

We offer a large selection of fence styles and colors from Solid Privacy, to picket, to ranch rail and more.  Please view the catalog to choose your new fence style.

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