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Residential Chain Link Fencing

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Chain Link Fences

Galvanized Chain Link Fence

Chain Link Fencing is widely used not only in commercial, industrial, and security fencing applications, but it is extremely popular for residential use. It is a practical and economical fencing solution that suits a wide range of customers.

This maintenance-free fencing option is made from galvanized steel and is easy to install. The steel components are coated in zinc, while the caps, rail ends, eye tops and ties are made from die-cast aluminum, making it a long-lasting and strong fencing option that is durable and affordable. It offers security and visibility, and due to being extremely flexible, can be tailored to suit most applications.

Although some might be concerned about privacy, Nordic Fencing offers a Diamond Lock privacy slat that is simply attached to the chain link fence. The chain link fence slats are designed to look like a picket fence without the maintenance of wooden pickets. This option gives you approximately 80% more privacy and is ideal for combining aesthetics with a fence that allows excessive wind load to disperse through the fence and saves you from costly wind damage repairs.


If you are after a more aesthetically pleasing chain link fence, a vinyl-coated chain link fencing option might be for you.

Our vinyl chain link fencing is coated in polyester and polyvinyl chloride instead of zinc. Like the galvanized chain link option, it is low maintenance, easy to install, and durable. However, the vinyl offers a smoother finish, prevents rusting, and is available in a range of colors that allow it to blend with the background.

With vinyl-coated chain link fencing being one of the most increasingly popular fencing options, it is well-liked in colors such as black, green, white, and brown. This fencing solution is widely used in residential areas due to its better corrosion resistance and decorative appearance and is customizable to suit every client’s needs.

This affordable fencing solution doesn’t fade or rot and lasts between 15 to 20 years. Even though a vinyl fence prevents rusting, it’s important to still check for this and keep your fence clear of dirt and debris. To do this, a quick pressure cleaning with ordinary water is all that is needed.

Nordic Fencing proudly carries a wide selection of chain link fencing options that can be used for just about anything our customers require. Simply contact us by filling out the form below or give us a call at any one of our locations.



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