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PVC Installation Guide – Privacy Fence

After deciding on Layout, pound or cement 2 3/8 steel posts in ground. Ideally your spacing between posts (inside to inside post measurement) is 93 ½”. (Helpful hint: Slip 2 PVC collars onto each post before you pound the post. The posts will often “mushroom” at the top while pounding, making it difficult to install the collars after the posts are in the ground.) Ensure that the posts are straight. You do have a little adjustment with the collars, but installation is much easier if the posts are straight. Uniform height of the steel posts is not that important. The post height should be a minimum of 6″ to approximately 12″ below the height of the fence.

Attach collars to post using self tapping metal screws. Bottom collar should be attached below the bottom rail. The top collar should be toward the top of the post.

Slide PVC post over steel post and collar. ( Ensure you have your end, line, and corner posts at the proper location in the fence line)

Cut bottom rail and steel channel to proper length (Approx 93″ for full panel.) Use spacing between posts as your guide less approximately ½”. Insert bottom rail in post.

Insert next PVC post. While lowering post insert the bottom rail into the post cutout. Lower post to ground. (Helpful Hint: Don’t worry about the finished height of the fence yet. Get it close, and it can be adjusted after the entire line is completed.

Insert tongue and grove pickets into slot on bottom rail. If vertical cuts to pickets are required a table saw with a laminate blade work well.

Insert top rail. (Helpful hint: to ensure the top rail doesn’t easily pull out after the panel is installed, place a screw inside the top of the post into the top rail.

Repeat for next section.

To level fence after line is complete, lift or lower PVC post to desired height and install self tapping screw below the bottom rail into the PVC collar.

Install caps on posts.